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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


What do you think here?I could be wrong but I reckon one of the girls is Nancy Skavan or something similar.


  1. Yes ... I believe you're right about Nancy Skarvan (in the pink bikini) ... In the green bikini ??? ... Hmmmmm ... Not sure ... someone by the name of Roz Jansen (???) comes to mind or someone like that ... At any rate, I like how they shook hands at the beginning (good sportswomanship) ... Too bad there's no audio but judging from the video recording back then (which appears to have been a reel-to-reel, film recording medium like Regular- or Super-8 tape), the video transfer actually came out quite well.

    Judell Dulong and her Camp Amazonians were (still are) absolutely First-Class and Champions all around (imho) ...

  2. Nancy Skarvan vs English opponent.