Over a good number of years we have seen any number of models,pop stars etc pictured in boxing gloves,but how many took up the actual challenge?
Former topless model and pop singer Sam Fox was the only one I can recall from the U.K.when she fought former ice skater Tanja Szewczenko in 2003 for the Promi Boxen Show on RTL tv.

Friends of mine who watched the fight live were not impressed by Sam wearing the headguard which most agreed restricted her but apparently was written into her contract.
Still a creditable performance despite the loss when you realise Sam was 37 years old at the time and Tanja a mere 24.


  1. Some years back a group of Page 3 girls did a boxing event under the "Catfight" banner. Not topless asdly.

    Leilani Dowding also did some boxing for Perfect 10.

  2. These women competed under the era of Celebrity competitions ie before White Collar boxing. The Tough Woman contests gained a niche and Hollywood upped it a noch with Tanya - skater and Joey Buttafuco starting the boxing event ran for 2 seasons then UK caught the bug. I call that in their way of thanks for the Drew Carey What's my line comedy show...take of from UK. You've posted of other Page 3 girls that boxed or modeled in the 1970s era wrestling mags and a few others across the pond came out of Playboy / Penthouse or got inducted into Playboy that even the man in the red robe pushed into the magazine articles or capture. There was even a little contest between him and Hustler in photo spreads...both feature 80s/early 90s video starlets. Prost


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