ONE VENUE TWO EVENTS!!!! able to get to London have a couple of events to look forward too shortly first up a promotion from Eve
on the 26th of November with what looks like a good bill of talent on the show for an admission price of £15.
Second on the 10th of December it's Xmas Party time with the girls of the
Submission Room with admission £50/£60 I'm led to believe that includes mince pies and drinks?
Both take place at the
Resistance Gallery,265,St.Poyer St,Bethnal Green,London E2 9RF.Nearest underground station is I believe Cambridge Heath a short walk away,also Bethnal Green Road is well served by buses.


  1. Even though I'm on the west side of The Pond over here in *Murkinville, I still like to be informed of what's going on on the east side (or actually anywhere) in Commonwealth ...

    At any rate, I like the marketing posters very much which do a good job of showcasing everything ... and from the description of what can be hosted, is there anything the Resistance Gallery can't host ??? ...

    So here's hoping both Eve's event and The Submission Room Christmas Party are Big Successes ...


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