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Tuesday, 15 November 2016


A question often posed to fans of female combat is where did that interest start a subject I have raised more than once.

So I was interested when I was contacted by a long time fan who could relate back to the comic books of the past,many of which related to the girls fighting off a rape bid or fighting their lesbian interest.

It's interesting that this style of comic book was produced not only Stateside but also in many parts of Europe.A glance at the prices gives an indication of how many years ago they came out.


  1. No trip to yesteryear to visit catfight stories is complete without mention of J.T. Edson. A prolific producer of standard length paperbacks that frequently had female fights in them. Wikipedia has a partial list of 25.

  2. JT Edison comments are archived in the california supreme bulletin on the female wrestlers video / companies wikipedia page.

  3. The J.T. Edson paperback Diamonds, Emeralds, Cards and Colts has a catfight on its cover. It's doesn't show the girls topless although it is safe to assume they got there by the end of the fight. Might be worth featuring.