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Thursday, 1 October 2015

News from Bethelem.

My thanks to my friends in the Leeds area of the U.K.for updating me on what as been happening on their tv screens.
One of the problems I have with not being able to watch the broadcast or attend the live show is that I aren't sure just how far behind some of the girls careers the featured bouts are.
I say this because according to my info the first bout up on this weeks show saw Jodie Wilkinson of Castleford force Katie Lathwood
of Derby to quit in the first round,Katie was completely out classed and yet a little research found Jodie
taking part in the belter of a bout at the Swindon Fight Club featured here in January this year.
Next up was Sophie Varley
who featured in their last broadcast fighting for the E.B.F.Bantamweight Title against Ruth Austin from Sheffield,a girl so slim built that our friend admits when he first saw her he wasn't sure if she was a boy.She's the one on the left in this pic.
The last bout of the show features Carly MacKenzie of York who featured in an earlier show against Autumn Goodwin
19 years old from Derby seen here with her trainer.The bout was an all action affair with Carly
seen here with her trainer and another member of the York Masters Club spilling blood before the end.

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