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Wednesday, 28 October 2015


My thanks go out again to Bartos for this visit to his attic,I have mentioned a few times that Accord was one of the earliest publications in the UK to feature even an odd page about girls wrestling or boxing.
What I didn't realise till I saw this pic of the back cover of Accord was that the mag was being produced before the publishers first shop in Soho had opened.

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  1. Aside from the b.s. junk about transvestism (and other possible worthless crap, i.e., Riding Cult; Rubber Rainwear, etc.), this looks like it was a Real Treasure when it was published ... So if it was even before the Soho shop opened up, it must have been a true pioneer publication in its day ... Judging from the front cover, I'd say the artists did themselves proud ... Much Thanks to Bartos and you for sharing this ... (Of course, I'd love to see some of the contents ... but I'm just glad to know of it ...)