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Tuesday, 27 October 2015


A fan of the semi pro boxing scene informs me of an article by a woman journalist in his local paper.She had been to a local show and witnessed her first female bout and felt it demeaning and not something ladies should take part in.
This is an opinion held by a lot of women who don't understand the minds of fighters both boys and girls.Above is a selection of street fights,some are fueled by booze and others are just pure anger,but few of the girls were forced into fighting.Surely they would be better settling their differences in the boxing ring.
To expand the European Boxing Federation was formed when the white collar boxing scene took off and the girls became involved.Many of the girls came from the white collar scene having found the restriction of crash hats and padding were not for them but still wanting to fight.
The EBF are putting on shows in local areas in many parts of the country at affordable prices.

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