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Sunday, 25 October 2015


A few fans have been in touch since I downloaded a couple of pages from A.I.A.
When the mag first hit the streets it was before the days of the internet and up until that time the idea of females wrestling and boxing was one of pure fantasy and to do it with bare breasts!!!
On one of the forums I have read of more than one fan leaving the Swish Publications Shop in Soho clutching the brown paper bag which contained the latest issue.

You can only imagine the excitement when he opened the pages to find these pics of the girls of LGIS boxing topless in the beer halls of Germany.
 The girls in this bout were Anneliese and Tina.
 Hard to believe but the year was 1978.


  1. I miss the old Swish Publications shop. Visiting that was like finding Aladdin's Cave.

  2. Hi, longtime fan of your site, and I thought I'd turn to you w/ a request for a vid that has eluded me pretty much everywhere else but which seems possibly up your alley.

    Do you have, in the original 480p (a sloppy 360 version is on YT), a DWW match from 96 or so (rereleased on video in 2011) featuring Eva K. vs Gerd in a mixed match outdoors? She's wearing a pink sling bikini and if you'd ever seen her in it you would not have forgotten it. If you have that in the original quality I'd love to set up a deal on any kind of trade or something, tho I doubt I have anything you don't already have in this arena.

    Appreciate any reply. Thanks and thanks for the blog.