No 21 Just a Thought.

The lovelies today are my thoughts on what Wales would be like had they got Mediterranean weather.

We had a great week in a caravan/mobile home call it what you will,but they aren't made for persons with a fuller figure,you try sleeping in a three foot wide bed and as for the toilet I won't describe the problems.

The weather by day wasn't bad but by night was bloody cold,even by day the idea of topless sunbathing was out of the question,the ex didn't shed her fleecy jumper,not even for bed!!!
My keyboard had barely cooled down and news comes through that the government have called a snap General Election,oh no!!!More weeks of politicians being given time on tv and radio to make promises they rarely keep and often can't even remember making within hours of election. 


  1. Welcome Back !!! ... Glad you and her had a great and relaxing time together even if the overnight lodging was a bit cramped ... [but then again ... with both of you together (Hmmmmm ... That bloody cold ??? ... No damn inside heater ??? ... Well, I suppose you get what you pay for :) :) :) !!! probably tolerated the nights better than average ...] ... Next time, bring a couple of portable heaters and put your orders in for these: Click HERE and HERE ... and ... while you're at it ... Get a couple of THESE !!! ... Click HERE !!! :0 !!! :0 !!! :0 !!! ...

    Yes ... We've heard about your PM calling for a so-called snap election (to give here a stronger "mandate" to go forward with the "Brexit") ... but I have to say (based on news reports on this side of The Pond) I don't think it's really going to work ... too much foot-dragging ... too much muddling with all the crap to really exit the EU ... too much resistance from those who voted to remain in the EU ... and too much damn uncertainty about all the political or economic crap to cope with if you do separate ... Translation: You're not going to dump on the EU because I think more people are realizing the "benefits" to still be part of The Club outweigh the "disadvantages" ... What you'll probably end up doing is still retain membership in the EU or find an alternative to at least still maintain the areas you find helpful ...

    Hang in there, dude ... This movie has a long way to go ...


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