Real Women Fight

If you had the time a day visiting U.K.Council Estates would be well worth while.The best time is possibly in the coming months when with a little luck the sun will shine and the unemployed chav's will be seen in their gardens quaffing cans of strong lager,the perfect recipe for a kick off like the one here. 


  1. Yes ... The civic attraction of the UK Council Estates has been posted about before ... Visiting is fine (the unemployed chavs should be forced to do maintenance, grounds keeping and the like) but like before, as far as what the fems are doing, here's my repeated reply ... So just click here ...

    [ ... and if the unemployed chavs refuse to work, someone take them and the fems to the banks of The Thames river, dump the lager on all of them (it's flammable, right ???), strike a match on everyone and light 'em up on fire and dump 'em in the river ... It would make for another interesting civic attraction ...]


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