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Thursday, 22 September 2016


This poster reminded a fan in Wales of the time some years back when ITV took wrestling off our tv screens.The void for many fans was filled by independent promoters who brought on the girls.
One of those was Black Foot Sioux on the same bill as her future husband Aidrian Street,fans Stateside will know her as Miss Linda.What I hadn't realised was that both have now passed the official retiring age in the UK and by a few years.

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  1. " ... both have now passed the official retiring age in the UK and by a few years."

    Hmmmmmmm ... In that case, maybe it's time for Parliament to review what the official retiring age should be over there ... Over here, in 'Murkinland, the so-called "official" retiring age of, say, 65 has been under review for quite some time in practice for a wide range of endeavors. I'd say it's safe to say over here that that age is no longer a significant marker of what a retiring age should be.

    As far as Street goes, I found out he had a hell of a lot of fans but apparently was equally provoking and flamboyant as hell, dressing up in outlandish and oftentimes gay-oriented costumes in his own style (never saw him in an event but based on what I read appearing as such must have been asinine). In contrast, Miss Linda (gorgeous) appeared to always have been a class act wherever and whenever she performed ... So maybe that mellowed and tempered him a bit ...