Драка Бешаных пьяных Девок и за водки на природе 2013

I don't understand any Russian but the girls in this fight are worth watching.The blonde girl really does dish out punishment,the blood from her right hand soaking into her opponents clothes.


  1. Who-o-o-o-o-o-a !!! ... So based on a quick translation of the title it appears this is a Beshanov fight involving 2 females drunk on vodka in the outdoors back in 2013 ... So I fast-forwarded the video (having a good idea from previous videos starting out this way of how retarded this would be ... and, yes, that's exactly what it was) but all I can say in this case is it's just an example of probably some good vodka gone to waste ... It would only be worth watching if the vodka were ignited to explode and end this farce somewhere in the frozen turf of Siberia (imho) ... at least then it might provide some heat ...


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