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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Owens and Gery battle it out.

Women's roles in the military have changed in recent years and their training as become a new source for fans of female combat.

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  1. Over here in 'Murkinland, there is still a lot of resistance to allowing women in the most dangerous and riskiest areas of military activity. Even the ranks of rising officers (male and female) in the 'Murkinland Army, Marine Corps and Air Force are reluctant, reticent and refraining to assign women to, say, direct infantry assault, enemy reconnaissance, flight bomber missions and other high-risk areas even if the women want to. This has not meant no women have ever served in these areas in the recent past or present (yes, some definitely have and some currently do) but I believe they (the officers) are making the right decision to prevent this as much as possible (and this has nothing to do with being chauvinistic, sexist, misogynistic, stuck-in-the-past, anti-female or crap like that).

    This board is not the place for a discussion about female roles in a military. I only mention what I'm reporting because of the entry.

    So if anyone wants to chime in ... go right ahead.

    I'll just finish by saying that here in 'Murkinland, yes, legislation and regulation may be subverted at times but let me just say there are many aspects of military life where democratically instituted reform may not necessarily pave the way to a "better road" even after "working" on the "road" to allow more "traffic" has been earnestly going on for the past couple of decades or so.

    Company dismissed ...