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Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Don't you just love it when you catch'em out again?Well done Prude Tube,had these girls been wrestling they would have been banned!!

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  1. " ... had these girls been wrestling they would have been banned !! "

    The 'Murkins of New York (individuals and collectively) are often looked upon in a national spotlight ... In national politics, for example, New York's (ex)-mayor Rudy Giuliani is often portrayed as "America's Mayor." New York's sporting and cultural events (pro sports teams; orchestras, museums, opera houses, etc.) are also shown with national implications. Despite all this, not all venues are seen as such by the rest of us 'Murkins nationwide. Have you ever heard of some simpleton labelled as a "village idiot ?" ... If so, this label is also used by a lot of us other 'Murkins outside New York for a lot of the clowns who make jack asses out of themselves in the national spotlight from time to time in New York ... thus earning themselves the label America's Idiots. That's what a lot of us 'Murkins would call the above participants and the events they're in (as I believe they sure as hell are).

    Yes, 'Murkiland is a Big Country ... and we have our share of Big 'Murkin Idiots.