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Sunday, 6 November 2016


Not been home too long but I just had to feature this,dueling was once a way men protected their honour or settled scores.
But did the women in those bygone days also go off to a field and do the same?
I seem to recall a film of a few years back where two well known actress's took part in a scene like this.
But who were they and what was the film??
A number of my friends in Germany could like me recall the scene but none of us could name it.
Indeed where did these pic's first appear?
Was it in a men's magazine?As my friend Ulrich thinks.
Or were they from a film like that mentioned before?
Looking forward to your thoughts on this one and so are my friends in Germany.


  1. Hmmmmmmm ... Again, I'm no fan of dueling (frickin' moronic activity by 2 people who need a lobotomy) but after a simple search, this might be a good place to start:

    (If anything else of significance manifests itself as far as an actual film or cinema goes, I'll try and let you know later ... So in the meantime, others can take a crack at it, too ...)

    So (again, for starters) click HERE.

  2. Was the film The Wicked Lady - there's a fight between Marina Sirtis and Faye Dunaway

  3. There's a topless sword duel in Mata Hari. Sylvia Kristel vs an unidentified black-haired girl.