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Thursday, 10 November 2016


I mentioned before we departed to Germany that we travelled light,this is due to me being a tight fist and only going with low cost airlines and guess what my ex's hand luggage fell foul of the rules and had to be put in the hold at the cost of £45!!!
Part of the week was spent with friends so we didn't go completely broke,but it is worth a mention that the early part of our stay was spent in Berlin where we bought two pints of beer(note pints not those huge steins)in a bar we have used many times before and shock horror they cost 5.50 euro each.To be fair we did find other bars where the price averaged around 3 euro.So lesson learned avoid the Irish Pub in the Europa Centre.

Highlight of Berlin for my ex was the visit to the museum of Trabant cars where they were just starting them for the Berlin tour,the fumes from the two stroke engines would have taken a few metres off the polar ice cap.She was amused at the idea of me getting in one,she found it unlikely my bulk would have fit in one and if it did would the little engine pull me along?

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