I mentioned before my meeting up with a number of fans in Germany and what inspired their interest in the girl fight scene.
No surprise then that more than one person mentioned the
Bond film From Russia With Love.
The most surprising reaction was from one of the wives who recalled watching it at the cinema and her husbands over reaction when she asked if he would like to watch her fight.
She even admitted to it doing wonders for her sex life when she got a friend to give it a go.
Into the bargain she had to admit the idea of fighting Martine Beswick who played Zora or her opponent former Miss Isreal Aliza Gur did get her own juices flowing.


  1. The choreography for this scene was probably among the hardest to do in the entire film. I'd heard that Aliza and Martine had to rehearse this scene several times to get it "right" (i.e., as the director wanted it) and Connery probably loved every minute of it each time. Point is, many viewers might think performing fem-vs-fem scenes like this comes "naturally" to women and it's only a matter of letting the director telling the women what to do more of or what to do less of. Believe me, that's not the case. It is far more involved than that and (as in pro wrestling) the women are actually trying very hard to work together.

    These 2 Beauties gave a hell of a performance. [Could they do this or a similar scene again over 50 yrs. later, by themselves without a double or accompanying stuntwomen ??? ... It would definitely take several careful adjustments on the set (more hidden cushions; a slower pace; some careful physical training; medical exams and doctors' approvals; a script commensurate with each woman's current abilities; etc.) but don't anyone bust their guts laughing like hell just yet ... because I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they could.]

    As far as the final outcome of this scene, Connery himself should have been very impressed.

  2. They have their answer within their own community... Enjoy.


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