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Friday, 1 January 2016

Sexy girls - street workout motivation 2015

For fans in the U.K.who may have been washed out of their homes over the last few weeks,just imagine if the rains were to cease and this were happening in your street.
A wonderful thing is wishful thinking!!!

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  1. First off, hope you had some good time off (you sure as hell deserved it) and Welcome Back ...

    Second off, Happy and Prosperous New Year ...

    Third off ... Yeah, I understand your thoughts for some better wishful thinking from a video like this to take the place of what happened and your motivations are in the right place but I offer my sincere condolences and hopes for a full and fast recovery to all those affected by these horrific floods ... We always have our share of fires, floods and droughts, tornadoes and hurricanes, wind storms, earth quakes, heat waves and blizzards, etc. over here and I've been through some of them ... Believe me, when this damn hardship happens it doesn't lend much time for alternative thinking ... So i again offer my best hopes to those affected for a steady and complete recovery ...