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Monday, 5 June 2017

Just a Thought 28.

Please join us in the real World!!
My apologies for going a little political from time to time,but there are people who are darlings of the left wing media who could do with a reality check.
A friend's daughter as recently had the doubtful privilege of living close to the East London Mosque
and having endured the thoughts of poor little rich girl Lily Allen
on left wing tv and radio suggested she should parade in her usual sexy way of dressing,without her army of security in Aldgate or Whitechapel in close proximity to the Mosque and see the reaction.

Another silly popsicle from a world of gated security and armed guards is Katy Perry
who my friend's daughter suggests would get a similar welcome if she went along and sung her hit record I Kissed a Girl.
How does she know what the reaction would be?Well she just happens to be lesbian and although she doesn't dress like Lily Allen or kiss her girl friend in front of the crowds at the Mosque
she as been told more than once to cover her face and dress less provocatively,this to a girl who won't mind me saying that in her jeans and t shirt or sweater looks more than a little butch.

1 comment:

  1. Judging from the current terrorist situation in London and the U.K., both of these women and others like them would do better to go to a pub and get shit-faced ... Maybe after getting drunk they would pass out and shut their laughing gear ...

    Instead of blabbering like the River Thames barfing from their mouths, they need to stop talking or singing like this (click here) and start doing their part to promote awareness of radical Muslim terrorism ...

    Yes ... I agree dressing conservatively is a good idea anywhere but if a female's attire covers her body without being provocative (for example, breast and back areas fully covered) there's no reason for her to comport her attire to any Muslim standards of dress whether she happens to be going by a mosque or not ... If any female is dressed in a decent manner like that and anyone (Muslim or not) still gets upset, they should be told and shown this (click here ... which, in 'Murkinland, is the equivalent to this here and means this here.