Donald Trumps thoughts on Twitter with regard to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan have come in for criticism from many in the U.K.but if you put Khan's name into You Tube search you will see whose side he is really on.
This is a moderate version of his views from his election as London Mayor,search further and you will see his support for ISIS and others,all of which would see him banned from entering the U.S.A.by President Trump!!!


  1. " ... you will see his support for ISIS and others ... "

    Hmmmmmmm ... If I have the time I'll check into that but based on what he says in this campaign forum he apparently is drawing a clear distinction between agreeing to appear and debate such radical extremists (which he admits he did) and strongly disagreeing and condemning their ideology (which he also says he does, much to his credit) ...

    Trump is basically over-reacting when he (mistakenly) believes Khan is not concerned enough about terrorist challenges ... Trump-speak has gotten a reputation of a loose canon ... Our President puts his heart and soul in wanting terrorism destroyed worldwide ... but-like someone shooting from the hip-he has a penchant for "Fire !! ... Ready !! ... Aim !! ..." instead of "Ready !! ... Aim !! ... Fire !! ..."

    Khan at least appears to be a clear speaker with his beliefs in the right place ... In light of the terrorist situation, how he implements those beliefs to fight terrorism apparently will now be put to the test ...

  2. Thank you Panther100 for providing a thoughtful and intelligent comment, and counterbalance to the reactionary nonsense of my fellow countryman, friend, and host. Interestingly, even Theresa May - a political rival - conceded he was doing a good job as London Mayor.


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