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Sunday, 10 April 2016


Arrived back late last night so not up to speed yet  with latest action,thought about blaming jet lag,but after a two hour flight???


  1. Hope both of you had a Great time ... [It goes without saying both you (and she) deserved it] ... Glad you're both back safe and sound (and sane, too ;) ;) ;) ) ... and if you want to just relax for the next few days and "recover" without a few more days of posting, that's completely understandable ...

  2. (BTW ... For my "usual" "Wecome Back" comments ... Since you posted the above video about 2 fems fist fighting and you expressed concern about what the PrudeTube might delete in your absence, let me just therefore say that's an example of a video that should hit the YouTube shit-can ...)

    So ... as I said ... "Welcome Back !!!" ...