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Wednesday, 13 April 2016


I have often complained about the double standards on Prude Tube but when we returned from holiday the other day I was even more shocked to discover my ex as been banned by VK.
A little while back Blogger stopped me using clips from VK and my ex took it over and used it as an outlet for items I wasn't allowed to use.
So why was she banned?Apparently for posting porno!!!Shock horror,most of her offerings were wrestling and boxing though she did admit to being Bi and posted a few pics of girls she fancied and there was I thinking Russia had moved on into the modern world!
For the benefit of those fans who followed her as Jill Schmit on VK a pic
from our holiday and her best wishes.

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  1. All it takes is for one person to report you as having pornographic material on your vk site and BAM you're outa there. What a joke, that site is RIDDLED with much worse hardcore stuff that they don't even notice??? Pathetic.