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Thursday, 21 April 2016


Breaking news this morning is that one time fans favourite Chyna as been found dead in her bed at the age of 46.

Joan Marie Laurie rose to super star status with the WWE but quit wrestling in 2001 going into films and reality shows but after releasing six films which could be best described as porn and writing a book which became a best seller in 2010 after a drug overdose she moved to Japan to teach English and doesn't appear clear exactly when she returned to the States.


  1. A SAD DAY !!!

    It sure as hell is ... She was Gorgeous, Talented, Dedicated (latest news reports say she taught English overseas for a while in Japan), Pioneering and Always there for her fans (she even wrote a best-seller book) ...

    The news reports also say she may have had a prior problem with drug addiction ... If true and if this had had anything to do with her death, it's a constant reminder to family and friends of drug-affected individuals that they need to be always supported and stayed in constant contact with to prevent such senseless loss ...

    She will be Greatly Missed ...

  2. (Note: Didn't mean to just needlessly repeat what you already said in your own post ... Just wanted to re-emphasize it because it was so important to underscore her abilities in teaching and writing ... The news media on this side of The Pond over here in 'Murkinville are reporting she returned from Japan to the U.S. sometime last year ...)

  3. Hi KaKlaus

    Terrible notice.

    Aparently she have many trouble in her youth one of these a sexual abuse, i dont know about her drugs adicction.
    I have an antique Fighting Females magazine number from winter of 1996 in there she apears only as Jeanne Laurer the magazine presented she like a great future promise. The same magazine follow her career until her transformation in Chyna the promise became a reality.
    Now 20 years after she die in a early age.
    Its a big loose for the Female Fight World.