Just odd times I get interesting info from fans for which I am always happy to acknowledge as often it sets me thinking on things I may have missed.
So I have to thank the guy who reminded me that although Fighting Style filmed in Greece not many of the girls were Greek.
That set me thinking about tho other outfits that were someway inter connected,even if only using the same site in Greece.
The first that came to mind was the Female Wrestling Zone,
one of whose latest offerings featured a slightly bigger girl in Lydiya seen here against Gabby.
The same girl Lydiya featured against Victor for the
Mixed Wrestling Zone.
Meanwhile Mona features for the
Dirty Wrestling Pit using some rather doubtful tactics,what was I thinking it is the Dirty Wrestling Pit?
Last but not least is Sophia and Ana in the
Sex Fighting Zone.
All these seem to be operating in different venues in Europe and possibly farther afield.


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