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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Just a Thought 37.

According to reports the idiots who wreaked havoc in Hamburg are the Black Bloc an international group of loonies reputedly from as far apart as Spain,Italy,Germany and of course the U.K.

I watched a few hours of events on a live stream with friends and we all agreed that the police were very restrained.But how on earth do these people manage to travel from country to country when none appear to work?
Was I Wrong?
Possibly that should be a statement not a question as I thought after lending their support for the U.K.'s number one socialist/communist Corbyn they had all headed for Hamburg.But I was wrong some have stayed behind and revived the Cornish Republican Army intent on driving the ethnic cleansers from Cornwall.The ethnic cleansers being those who have opened business and employed local people,the latest target being restaurant owner Rick Steine
whose place in Porthlevin was burned out last month.
Now what as the guy done wrong?Oh of course the local job center could have sent their members to wash dishes there and get paid.

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