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Monday, 15 May 2017

No 24 Just a Thought.

You may recall not long ago I mentioned Germany restricting certain cars from cities due to pollution.
Having voted out of Europe and with a General Election shortly the U.K.had to jump on the bandwagon,under attack are our diesel cars we were encouraged to buy a few years back.There was talk of giving drivers a couple of thousand pounds to scrap them,great I'd happily take that for the ex's little car but my mate who paid thirty thousand for his isn't too pleased.
So what will they do?They aren't keen on telling us but the latest school of thought points at increasing road tax and cities banning or charging a toll for their use.
Great brains or what as our little diesel car pays low tax for being eco friendly!!!
Recent cyber attacks have created problems in U.K.hospitals with ransom demands but this is not just a problem here as attacks have happened as far away as Sweden and Germany where a demand was made for 275 €uro in Bitcoin to remove the threat from Deutsche Bahn
the German rail network.Most recent report claim attacks in Russia and the USA,one can only hope that the culprits can be found by these countries as I doubt Trump or Putin would lose sleep about wiping them out.

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  1. You actually have to congratulate our National Suck-urity Agency's (NSA) diligence in contributing to this worldwide ransomware fi-suck-ass-co ... Due to lack of attention and control by our NSA, the fuck-asses who released this latest, international ransomware did so by stealing the code from our NSA and then developed it into the malicious WannaCrypt/WannaCry ransomware that has fucked up everyone worldwide ... So, although no one voted nor appointed me to represent anyone. let me issue Sincere Apologies on behalf of 'Murkinland to the UK National Health Sevice (and everywhere else) for all this bullshit ransomware you have to cope with ...

    Trump has already issued a direct order to counter this cyber threat ... If that means ordering our military to kill, devastate and destroy the culprits, that's EXACTLY what he'll do ... (Yes ... It's gotten to that point, believe me ... No ... He won't lose any sleep over it -- and probably neither would Putin -- but our Man-in-the-White House would, upon annihilating the culprits, probably drink a toast to their obliteration as I would definitely do) ... It has caused massive chaos and disruption to the UK NHS and everywhere else this bullshit ransomware has run rampant ...

    Again ... from all of us in 'Murkinland ... We extend our Deepest Apologies to the UK and elsewwhere for our "contribution" in allowing this bullshit ransomware attack to happen ...