Just a Thought 33.

Latest must for certain children,now being marketed online and aimed at an Australian market fake Islamic State Lego
selling at $9.91.
Having an exciting sex life is one thing,but make sure you put the handbrake on.A pair of Russian 22 year old teachers
got so carried away their Russian made Niva rolled into a lake while the physical education teacher was performing with his girlfriend on the back seat.Sadly both drowned!
For me and many visitors to Germany a journey on the ICE Train
is a top attraction.Now the latest"Sprinter" serving the Berlin to Munich route as just made it's maiden trip and at 3 hours 55 minutes as knocked over 2 hours off the current journey time.
A survey last year by travel website Expedia revealed that 72% of Germans found nothing wrong in going naked in public a term known as Friekörperkultur or FKK to many.German Sauna
can also prove interesting as these are also shared by men and women,remember towels are for sitting on not covering up.


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