I have mentioned before that Bethlehem Boxing Club in Leeds had made it's debut on local tv,but not being near to it's transmitting area I wasn't able to tell anything of the content.
My thanks go out to a fan who prefers to remain anon,but who as updated me.This Fridays edition featured a couple of girls bouts in the second half of the show in the first Carly MacKenzie of York a thirty six year old blonde outpointed
Mel Halstead from Bridlington over four rounds.Mel as the pic shows is a good all round sportswoman boxing,football and running only a few of her interests.
The second contest was a international championship match over six rounds,this saw local favourite Sophie Varley
win the European Boxing Federation title from Mandy Cortis from Malta.
My contact also believes that Sophie will be in action again in early October.


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