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Friday, 25 September 2015


When wrestling was on our tv in the U.K.the bouts never seen were those involving the ladies which were only promoted on the independents.
This is where viewers in Wales were lucky as the Welsh Language Channel featured Reslo from promoter /wrestler the late Orig Williams
who featured many of the female stars of the day.
Interestingly Starr was the name used by the "blue eyes" tag team of
Tina Starr,she of the superb body and her partner Bradford born Julie Starr
at only 5'3" and 126lbs almost cannon fodder for the bigger girls.
Their opponents were the bad girls
Klondyke Kate and Nickie Monroe
from Bournemouth whose father was a promoter and whose mother also wrestled,hardly a surprise then that she started in the business at seventeen and one of the long running fueds that ran and ran was with Tina.

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