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Monday, 5 September 2016


There have for a number of years been rather grainy photo's of a boxing bout,believed by some to be the first for many years between Sue Britain and Vicky Montrose.
I must admit to having never seen film of the bout and my knowledge of it was rather sketchy,so when a friend who as been tagged(whatever that is)on Facebook by the late Miss Britain's husband Ron it led to him letting me have link to an original poster from that day way back in 1975.

It's interesting that the show took place in an afternoon and there was an admission charge,I was of the opinion that being at the Beacholme Holiday Park the show would have been free to holidaymakers.
It was also interesting that around the same time Vicky was ko'd in a bout against her friend and Sue's daughter Kerry Nolan.
I am told that both these bouts are available from Rockin Roxanne listed as part of the work of ASF Enterprises.
Another interesting photo that my friend turned up from the same source was of the late Akala Jan in boxing glove though he could find no record of he ever boxing. 

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  1. Any chance of postin the Akala Jan pic please?