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Sunday, 31 May 2015


I have often asked myself how did I miss meeting up with Jeff the Ref??
Was he never a visiter to the Swish Shop in Soho where many of us fans met?
Obviously many met him at Festelle events,sadly I was never able to attend for one reason or another.
The same can be said for his time in Germany where he oversaw a number of bouts for the German Mat Club,as seen here.Though I was never in attendance there I did attend a few of the boxing bouts around Munich beer halls and our paths never crossed there.
Sadly Jeff as left us now and I will never be able to ask of his experiences.A great shame as I am sure he could have told some interesting stories.


  1. Are you telling us Jeff the Ref has passed away? When did this happen?

    1. I am afraid it is true. A german Internetsite (Kampfeslust) wrote an obituary for him:
      ....Jeff the ref ist tot
      Einer der Menschen, die erheblich das Bild von Kämpfen verschiedener Veranstalter geprägt haben, ist gestorben: „Jeff the ref“, nämlich der Mattenrichter Geoffrey Long. Wer ihn gekannt hat, den wird diese Nachricht, die uns in Deutschland Ende April 2015 erreicht hat, mit tiefer Trauer erfüllen.....