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Monday, 3 August 2015

Chav Girl Fight Manchester

Next time I'm in Manchester I'll watch out for this council estate,with a little luck this pair of chavs will have a return fight.
It always amuses me that the girls friends want them to do real damage to each other and yet seem intent on preserving their modesty by constantly pulling clothes back into place.


  1. A few observations:

    After a quick reference check, I now know what the hell a chav is (hey, you learn something new everyday !) and yes, here on this side of The Pond, we've also had our share of "anti-social" youth "sub-cultures" from time to time ...

    I saw the first 20 or so seconds of this and was about to kill it off (because it again appeared to be one of those arse-backwards recordings of stupidity-on-steroids that I've seen all too often) but stuck with it because it indicated that possibly this wasn't a dumb-arse battle of brain-dead clowns. So I fast-forwarded the video several times intermittently to watch several seconds-worth of recording throughout the entire scene. It actually was to my liking because it turned out to be more of a contest of strength and duration than physical harm (which was much for the better).

    So, aside from the "unsports-woman-ship" action of one of them for throwing the cup (approx. at the 4:52 mark), I'd give both females a thumbs-up for tenacity and effort.

    I'd also say, no, their "friends" didn't necessarily want to see them inflict real damage on each other (which, if true, means hope springs eternal) and the "pulling" of punches (which again, if true-and it appeared it was-was fine with me) had no Big Disappointing Effect on their "performance" and I give the participants extra-credit for the positive "sports-woman-ship" of taking time for mutual maintenance of their attire ...

    So keep this -- what is it ??? ... council estate ??? ... on the radar for future developments ...

  2. A better fight than you'd expect. And at least one of them had a decent set of norks on her.
    Maybe somebody could arrange a rematch?