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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Best Girl Fight Ever 2016 | Real School Girl Fight Compilation Vol.4

Things were never quite like this when I went to school.

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  1. " ... when I went to school. "

    In that case, I'll take your word for it (yes ... it's one of those times again I didn't even bother seeing the video).

    So all I can say if it's that bad, stupid and pathetic, it's probably an example of a girl fight I broke up when I was in high school [here in 'Murkinville, that typically includes the 9th grade (freshman year) through the 12th grade (senior year)].

    ( ... wasn't trying to make myself the hero-of-the-day in doing so ... It's just that when there are times that need intervention or doing what you can to stop something really bad you really must. According to the latest news media, at the Rio Olympics, a judo competitor was assaulted on the beach ... Had I been there, I would have helped him, too.)