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Monday, 23 January 2017

NO 6

The good news is my eyes have been repaired and in a few short weeks with a new pair of spec's I can try and part my ex from the car.
Interesting news from a couple in Germany,the period over Christmas is not the best for wrestlers with few promotions.But following Frau Merkel's open door policy and the things that happened in Cologne and other German cities last year they found lots of well paid security work with bars and clubs.
An interesting bit of tv for viewers in the on Channel 5,"Get Your Tatts Out:Kavos Ink"is a tale of the tattoo studios in the party capital of Corfu,Kavos.
Watch as totally blathered Brits both guys and girls get the most horrendous tat's you could imagine.So far I watched as some daft lad got his John Thomas inked with the names of his best friends.Imagine what his girl said to that when he got home.Oh and the young lady and her friend who had eachothers initials on their boobs.
The one that shocked many was the Norwegian biker and his wife who brought along their fourteen year old son to be inked,because to have it done in Norway would be illegal.

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  1. WH-O-O-O-O-O-A !!! ... Glad to hear your eyes are better ... THAT is Great News !!! ...

    Regarding tattoos ... I don't like 'em ... I like natural, clear, unadulterated human skin ... The lad who inked up his rawhide probably elicited the following reaction from his girl when he got home: Click HERE (and, BTW, I mean absolutely no disrespect for the late Princess Diana, who was and remains greatly beloved).

    The larger the tattoo, the worse (imho). Tattooing your private areas is barf-brain, butt-crack stupid and I just hope the tattoo artist who worked on the Norwegian 14-yr.old had enough decency to make it removeable ... You don't permanently saturate a minor ... It's moronic to think a 14-yr.-old has the maturity to decide if he or she wants a permanent inkfest on his or her skin ...