Whenever I see one of these I am reminded of  the friend who made money from what he termed  true amateur sex videos.
The girls were paid a few pounds,but the guys took part on a voluntary basis and got not a bean.
I have mentioned before the number of girls who took part in videos for Festelle and how we must have seen them without realising.In the case of my friends works of art I almost weekly see one of the guys who took part in a supermarket with his wife and wonder if she knows he can still be seen to this day performing on the internet?


  1. To answer your question in the title: Possibly yes ... to the kickboxing [but there would have to be rules such as no kicks to the head, neck or private areas; only "soft" kicks allowed (no kicks with full-blast force); the ability to wear padded vests or other protective apparel; the ability to score with a point system for hitting certain target areas; etc.] ...

    As far as the sex part goes: No ... (and you probably know what I'll say next ... so I'll just say it ...) ... The sex part is bullshit ...

    [... and BTW ... tell your friend in the supermarket I said if he participated in the sex part back then he was a bullshitter for doing it (and the same for the women) ... and if he still does it ... tell him to go here] ...


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