Along with many others I was always a fan of Beatrice Goffin and have asked fans many times for information with regard to her present status,not to mention the status of the female wrestling in Belgium which presently seems to be only represented by Xana and Nadege,both of whom seem to fight for outfits outside Belgium.As interest in the female combat scene in Belgium dried up?Or is it still operating somewhere underground? I ask this because with the current economic climate many fans in the UK are having to watch their finances and Belgium is one of the closer and cheaper parts of Europe to visit.

These thoughts came to me when I read that Tweety a long time stalwart of the fight scene in the US had been in contact with Beatrice after a long abscence.

Of course Beatrice was not everyones favourite,but for fans who liked their girls to give and take pain until their bodies glowed with sweat and they were at the point of exhaustion,Beatrice was their girl.Some of her best bouts were against some of the Festelle girls seen here.I could be wrong but the only one she ever lost to was Maggie Jennings,despite tough struggles against Sherry and Ria Klein.


  1. It would be great to find her and get her to share her experiences and thoughts. Her yahoo group appears to be dead, tho, as is tweety's

    1. Wow, what a fight this looked.

    2. I do not know if this notice of wrestlewiki. com is correct:
      To be read in wrestlewiki:
      "In late 2005 Beatrice and her husband, local school principal, were charged with organizing topless and nude wrestling matches amongst minors, filming them and distributing the tapes. After a long battle with the law, and a 5-year long investigation, they were both condemned to prison sentences on April 29, 2011."
      If it is true, then we know, why we do not hear or see anything from Bea more. But I personally hope very much that it is a false alarm. Does somebody know more about Beatrice?

      She was one of the greatest female wrester.

    3. As an old friend of Beatrice and her husband, I'm glad to inform all that wrestlewiki now has corrected the false information about any sentence to prison.

      I encourage you all to check out this site: http://www.wrestlewiki.com/wiki/Beatrice_Goffin - and we should all be critical to whatever we read on the Internet.


  2. I had been looking for Tweey's site too, and saw it's been dead for awhile. Seems like after Tweety's experience with her wrestling convention being shut down a few years ago she disappeared and same with Beatrice after the legal problems she had .

  3. The wrestling conventions got going again and I think were successful for a time under Jackpin. What seems to have done it in was less people with available $. What was Bea's problem? I'd heard about this before, but never knew what it was about.

  4. I've just been to Belgium for a shoot with Mutiny, the Canadian wrestler. We shot with Xana and Nadege, but we also shot with Anne Hurricane, who was out of commission for a while due to a fracture, but who's back in action and in great shape. I also know that Anne plans on organizing a live event around February. Her events are held in Liège, about an hour from Brussels.

  5. Legal problems for Beatrice and her husband

  6. Hi! exactly Entropy!

    The event is suppose to take place in Liège on Feb 5th.

    Anne will be there, Xana, I think Lina and Cassidy from England are suppose to attend the event.

    Mutiny (me) of course!
    and Im trying to convince Tyler Dare to come too (from North Carolina)

    Anne wanted to have bigger girls this time.

    Last even was great! and by the way, Ill have the videos to sell on my website early jan.

    Ill start to travel to Belgium at least every 3 months because the girls over there are very skilled and I learn a lot when I wrestle them.
    eventually, ill be good enough to give them a very good challenge!!!!

    Hope Ill see some of you there next event!!!!


    Marilyn (Mutiny)

    PS : later this week, Ill start adding the videos we shot over there 2 weeks ago. Topless action, competitive fights, very tiny bikinis, foot fetish videos, etc.

    Dont miss it!!!

  7. Yeah, Jackpin always had success without problems that brought the law into it where Tweety's was raided by police and shut down just hours after it started. I see that she has also moved from California to Georgia according to her My Space page.

    I think Beatrice's problem came from underaged models / wrestlers , but not positive.

  8. Bea was and remains one of my favourite women wrestlers. Extraordinarily skilled and very, very sexy, in my opinion.She also wrestled the best North America had to offer, defeating the much bigger and stronger Tigra, Kristie Etzold, Christine Dupree and drawing with Ziggy.

    I didn't know Maggie defeated her - does anyone have details?


  9. Anne Hurricane chickened out of a catfight vs Antscha from DWW.

  10. Comment: I could be wrong but the only one she ever lost to was Maggie Jennings,despite tough struggles against Sherry and Ria Klein.

    I own a video in which Bea has had a hard figth series vs Penny from England, a personal rivalry. In this fights both women wanted to clear who is the better one. The last fight decided this long session. At the end Bea lay weeping on the mat, she was very much disappointed, because long time she controlled Penny. The session was held in a sports gym of Jemelle / Belgium. The Video plays nearly 2 hours, ... only long fights between these powerfull Ladies.

    1. I forogt, the name of this video was "Lionesses"

    2. any other copy available anywhere Bea vs Penny?


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