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Friday, 27 May 2016


Am I in a minority in wanting to see girls wrestle and box topless?

I only ask because recent pics from events in Germany seem to suggest that bouts took place with tops on,
this featuring Antscha who has a superb body seemed a waste as was her lovely opponent Mahea.


  1. No ... Being topless (or nude) is liked by many but if the venue calls for being topped, bathing-suited, having gymnastic or aerobic tops and bottoms or other applicable attire ... that's fine, too ... The attire (or lack of it) just depends on several factors: the preference of the females (which is probably the most important consideration); the type of audience (if any); the location and local ordinances (we don't need the damn local constables or police interfering with all their crap); any connected causes or programs with the event (charitable fund-raising, etc.); type of environment (private indoor setting or secluded outdoor area ?) and so on.

    Planning for a successful outcome is foremost.

  2. Topless is the best as long as its is real and competitive match.