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Monday, 23 May 2016

retro women wrestling 2v.8

When all roads led to Pine Valley the girls were lookers,but I wonder does anyone Stateside no where they are now?


  1. Very Good question ... All I can say is I believe they're all still around here somewhere in 'Murkinville but exactly where is beyond me ... but if I happen to find out I'll be glad to let you know.

    [... and BTW ... You're absolutely right ... They were all Great Lookers ... and today I'd even bet pounds to pence they still are (imho)]

  2. Judell DuLong's old establishment in the mountains behind San Diego, California, after she moved down from Seattle, if memory serves. Pine Valley is a tiny community in a high mountain valley; guess she didn't want to be disturbed. In an age of fakery and soft-core sex shows, she and her girls sure turned out a quality product.

  3. As the above match took place 35 years ago, there's every chance that the two combatants are now grandmothers.