Занятие девушек сумо в японской школе

Met up with a few old friends in North Wales over the Bank Holiday and the strange morals of Prude Tube were raised again when someone showed this,which apparently as been around since 2013.
Explain that if you can.


  1. "Explain that if you can."

    Very good point ... No ... so I suppose if the Japanese females can go topless in a female sumo wrestling class, The PrudeTube security patrol would call this a "class" act and let it be ... :) :) :)

    [Bad pun ... I know ... but what the hell ... at least I tried ... but I hope you at least had a good time on Bank Holiday up there in North Wales ... (BTW ... I was curious about this type of Holiday so I did a quick check and found out you have 8 of these so-called public and bank Holidays in the course of a year on the mainland ... and apparently Northern Ireland has 10 of 'em ... So when I hop over The Pond from here in 'Murkinville to go over there I'll have to remember that in my planning ... Cheers !!! ... )]


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