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Friday, 3 June 2016

May's Fem Wrestle Event.

Just a taster with some of the girls from May's Event.

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  1. Surprised that no one has compared these / dww / dolls events to the forefathers of the pre ww2 scene of european industrialist that the women dyed their hair by the color of the team they were on. I do believe our AIA fans will find the reference in the same article the olympic artists created a woman vs woman african dance theme by artist that has a studio in wild las vegas. Herstory surrounds you just not really in the box but blogs. The herstory of boxing has book now out a few years on Women's Boxing herstory and WBAN website / administrator is looking to publish an archival of news / herstory as well. A visit to Jane Couch could give you a brevitivity on women's scene there and sit down with Pippa / Shelby would give you the pro scene along with some archival digging at British papers online regarding Ivy Russell era. Cheerio Pip Pip and all that..