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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


There as been recent mention on the forum of Joe Smith and his involvement in the North Manchester area when he fronted Red Rose Promotions before he moved to a small shop in Ashton and on a smaller scale his interest continued.
Looking at the time and date stamp on this clip could it have been recorded at those premises??


  1. This was definitely filmed at Joe Smith's video store in Ashton. Adele Adams is the larger girl. She really seemed to enjoy sitting on her opponents faces. The other girl was usually known as 'Tiffany' who I guess was called Rachel. She seemed to enjoy being submissive to Adele, although she also enjoyed sitting on male faces. al-uk

  2. " ... could it have been recorded at those premises ?? "

    If it was, it was a complete waste of time, money, effort and health (yes, health) ...

    Judging from this recording, he must have been fond of this face-sitting crap because this is about as retarded as it gets ...

    The women are probably capable of much better performance ...

    So yes, I've heard of waste production but this is so bad it needs to go through the meat grinder ...