Wherever you go of late be it sports events
or just a local bar you will see a girl with tat's.Years ago a tattoo on a woman would mean she was a tough cookie,so it's hardly surprising that they have been taken on board by
female wrestlers.But who is sporting the best??

My own favourite was Kathy Gifford but she seems to have departed the scene and competetion is coming from some of Simone's girls at Bitchfight UK and Louise
from the Rowley Gym who is a definite candinate.Sadly her wrestling talents don't seem to serve her well in girl on girl bouts as it appears she as lost all three of her contests,though she does appear to fare better in mixed bouts.


  1. She has such an excess of tattoos from the above, it really doesn't matter who is sporting the best ... The overboard amount of tattooing is so bad it's repulsive as hell no matter how you look at it (warts and all) ... Those who like tattoos love 'em and those who don't (like myself) just don't ... The above sample photos are good examples of tattoo-mania gone berserk ... Yes, I understand those who like tattoos might say they make her sexy as hell but to me they make her ugly as hell and, if you've recently had a good meal, could even make you want to chunder (imho) ...

    I don't mind a small tattoo here and there but the human skin is not meant to be a canvass for paint and ink ...


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