Nadia Sapphire Q&A Session! (BIPOLAR CRAVINGS)

Nothing works better than a little self publicity and on that score the lovely Nadia appears to have mastered the game,from Twitter to Facebook and almost every part of social media.

Now you can get her thoughts on Youtube about everything from make up to her wrestling career and bipolar,sorry Nadia but till the ex wife put me right I confused it with bi sexual!!!


  1. Why in the hell some bipolar people feel compelled to blabberize their mental abnormality to any or everyone who follows them is something I need to have explained ... (I don't mean to be insensitive to such people but to me doing so runs the risk of making a bit of a wanker out of yourself, which, yes, I think she did) ... Most mentally "normal" people who have any decent self-respect should have some reservations about yakkin' about their shortcomings ... but just because you're mentally "abnormal" doesn't mean you should do it without thinking twice ... So she's bipolar ... So what ??? ... Unless you're Jack the Ripper, who gives a rat's ass ??? ...

    Yes, she is Truly Lovely and Talented and her Imgrum pages(s) attest to that (if interested for a few samples from them, click here, here, here and here) ...

    I just hope she eventually gets better and is fully cured or permanently relieved from this condition and her fans (like myself) can just concentrate on her well-being and talent ...

    As the expression goes: "It's not necessary to say all you know ... just know all you say."


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