SNH48 許佳琪 王璐 - 隊友挽救賽 撕名牌 1080P(國民美少女 08)

For any number of years tv viewers in Europe have watched in amazement some of the crazy game shows from television in Japan.By those standards this is tame,but at least the girls are good looking.


  1. Actually, if anyone is familiar with Japanese video and entertainment "culture" (TV, movies, theater, dance, Webcasts or other multi-media), one knows that the Japanese are good at imitating or adding similar programs for their own enjoyment originating from overseas (from 'Murkinland, the UK or elsewhere) ... It's not that the Japanese lack their own ingenuity or creativity ... It's that they really like a lot of 'Murkinland and other foreign program ideas and events ...

    So all of this should be considered a form of compliment (or at least flattery), not exploitation ...


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