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Sunday, 11 June 2017


Get a Free Trip!!!
A group of"young ladies"made the papers in the U.K.recently when they were thrown off a flight to Mallorca with low cost airline Jet 2.

Apparently their t shirts were deemed to be offensive or at least the slogan"bitches on tour"was.When they refused to remove or cover up the shirts they were escorted from the flight and it cost them an extra £2.500 to get to their four day hen night.
What happened next???The girls led by the 35 years old bride
to be have now been offered an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas by Richard Branson with his Virgin Airline.
You couldn't make that one up!!!

1 comment:

  1. If Branson had a simple sense of decency he wouldn't have done what he did ... So what's his point ??? ... He wants to show what a sympathizer he is when another airline simply asks the women to refrain from showing a phrase that might seem a bit too offensive or vulgar for that airline's standards of decency ??? ... and the women refuse because that would "break" THEIR "right" to free speech or expression ??? .... Awwwwwwww !!! ... DAMN !!! ...Big Fuckin' Shit ... What a Big Bunch of bitchin' crybabies ...

    No ... This is an easy decision ... I have to support Jet Blue on this one ...

    If the fems are just too damn stubborn I say Jet Blue has every right to do this ... (So just click here.)