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Wednesday, 14 June 2017


I know it's the old Red Indian joke"know how just want chance"but recent reports in U.K.papers tell of revealing pic's and videos of well known actress and tv personalities appearing on porn sites.
The questions arise how did the pic's of Kym Marsh
topless in her dressing room and worse get hacked?
And who took pic's of her and other Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley?
I would doubt they objected at the time.
I couldn't help thinking were they not"stars"would they be worried?
From time to time I use pic's taken by a friend of girls

in wet t shirt comp's and at parties with friends which girls who lead everyday lives are proud of,indeed some feature his wife who will tell anyone who cares to listen what it as done for their sex lives.

In closing this I admit to not being a great fan of the soap's but having been shown a video clip by a friend I shall view one actress in a different light. 
Flight News!!!
Latest on the Ryanair sex flight.The woman involved as now been named as 39 years old mother of three Tracey Bolton
from Colne in Lancashire where she runs the Lakeside Cafe and claims she was only doing a lap dance.
Having flown Ryanair a number of times I am beaten as to how the pair could get into the confined space Ryanair provide let alone have sex.

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  1. Lap dancing is meant for these folks here ...

    ... but it doesn't matter if it's lap dancing, pole dancing or stripper dancing ... both of these retards are still better off opening the plane door in mid-flight and doing a dive dance like this ...

    (Click here ...)