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Monday, 29 May 2017


A friend of mine posed the question,who produced this???
A favourite suggestion seems to be it's a product of Bitch Fight UK and I tend to go along with that as they have had the odd match in a field in the North West.


  1. This was from a UK Messy WAM site that featured a lot of splosh pics and videos(I think its gone now). I joined their site and grabbed this and some other vids that they offered. I joined basically to get the nude mud match, but I also got a few others featuring women named Sue Scarlet and Firecracka. I have other matches that I may post on Pornhub. There was another clothed mud match that I had no interest in. The site is now gone I'm afraid.

    1. " The site is now gone I'm afraid. "

      WH-O-O-O-O-O-A !!! ... Like DWW, IT LIVES ON !!! ...

      (Click HERE !!! ...)

  2. Good find Panther. Wow, they haven't added anything to the wrestling section. I think one of the nude mud wrestlers passed away...sad to pass so young.