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Saturday, 3 June 2017


If the media in the to be believed a mere 200 hundred people complained to the television watchdog OFCOM about the dress almost worn by Britains Got Talent judge 
Amanda Holden on Thursday night.
So come Friday night not detered by at least one newspaper describing her as dressing as a stripper Miss Holden had a good go at bettering the 200 complaints.

And not to be outdone judge Alesha Dixon
took to competing with a little number which critics thought was meant to display how good her bikini wax was.
Interestingly Miss Holden is I'm told 46 years old and Miss Dixon is 38,in the view of my ex most of those who complained would be women of a certain age who wouldn't go topless on holiday in Spain and were they to wear a similar dress would probably look like a sack of spuds!!

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  1. " ... about the dress almost worn by Britains Got Talent judge Amanda Holden ... "

    Hmmmmmm ... Not sure I follow you here ... If the dress was almost worn (meaning it wasn't worn), what's the Big Complaint about ??? ... So was this dress worn on Thurs. night or not ??? ... If yes, it's totally inappropriate as worn because the breast area is too exposed ... The newspaper was right and it's stupid, dumb and embarrassing to wear a dress like that and anyone who thinks otherwise is equally stupid, dumb and moronic ...

    The Fri. night dress appearance looks acceptable as far as I can tell (based on how and what's shown) ...