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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Just a Thought 27.

A weekend for True Brits!!!
Just days after the awful events in Manchester came the 40's War Time Weekend in Bury where Union Jacks flew and thousands turned out across a handful of Rail Stations,
people dressed in traditional 40's fashion and army uniforms,every train leaving or arriving in Bury Station was serenaded with hit songs of those times.
All trains had onboard lookalikes of the hit tv show Hello Hello
and of course Winston Churchill who by late afternoon had taken to making speech's which would have made the real W.C.proud.
No doubt many of our more left wing friends would have objected to the event not being multi racial,hardly the same but the trains did have some very authentic looking Fahrkarten Kontrollers(Ticket Collectors)and Rawtenstall Station a historically accurate German Field Hospital.

1 comment:

  1. The promoters and participants apparently did a Very Fine event ... The women look Great in those 1940's-era dress and uniform (and holding on to those 1940's-era microphones) and the dude portraying Churchill really looks like him to a great extent ...

    ( ... even the trains look like they did back then)

    I always Admire the UK for its ability to maintain its history and traditions ...

    From the looks of it, I'd say all that's missing are some good sites to get some fish and chips with some crisps and mash ...

    ... but then again ... It probably took enough time and effort to make everything go as Well as it did ...

    (Click here ...)