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Thursday, 24 November 2016


I think all fans of a certain age got at least a part of their interest from the fans bible of years back Amazons in Action,while in Germany friends were recalling those memories a number of fans recounted the pics of bikini clad girls wrestling for Judelle Dulong
with exotic sounding names like Nancy Skarvan
often wrestling in the hot sun on Judelle's garden.

Interestingly I was also told that Judelle's grand parents came to America from Germany.

So for the benefit of fans every where some pictorial reminders of those great days.


  1. Exotic-sounding names like Nancy Skarvan ??? ... No ... not really ... Nothing really exotic about that ... Nancy is a common name over here in 'Murkinland ...

    At any rate, Judell Dulong and her enterprise were among the Creme-de-la-Creme of female wrestling promotions. She and her Highly Competitive participants all deserve Top Star rank. Yes, there were similar enterprises going on in Europe and elsewhere but here in 'Murkinland she was so active and dedicated she was more than amazing.

    To say she and her females were (still are ?) Superstars would be an understatement.

  2. Judell Dulong and her club of female participants were among the Creme-de-la-Creme of advancing female wrestling over here in 'Murkinland ... To say she was a Real Advocate and Superb Promoter of female wrestling would be an understatement ...

    She was (still is) a Fantastic organizer and her women were (still are) all First-Class ...

  3. No matter where they moved they found the willing participants from Montana, a brief interlude in Canada, and finally Washington.
    The boxing scene is now facing legislation in NY that a boxer not like the scale of Regina has now turned to the farm league of UFC - InvictaFC. Your fans would like Stone Cold Steve Austin's broken ranch fitness theme challenges with some grappling mixed in. I can see this spreading to Europe, South Africa, and Australia/New Zealand for their fitness cultures. Here's the link
    Various boards talk of Judell's health though having pneumonia is never a challenge or risk for congestive heart issues your Northern Europe fans know that hence why vacation in Mallorca / Ibiza are regularity events.
    The new regulations in the UK net will be interesting to watch if they trickle...or will be a ripple that turns into a wave.
    Great updates on the boxing / grappling scene though missing the bjj / no gi tournaments. Belgians were well known for their ground game and some other countries for their pursuit / technique.
    Clay - maybe be or was significant of one of the women and as you've seen in others boyfriends or significant are willing participants in both genders.
    I'm sure your Czech fans will have something to say after the recent Lingerie Fighting contest there.
    Another woman crossed over to the MMA scene that was a club / video scene participant....we seen before they were famous almost earning a title recently.